Selecting warehouses for rent in Israel

At Avia, we provide you with a variety of especially advanced storage solutions. We offer an assortment of nationally deployed warehouses for rent, suited for various storage purposes – merchandise, apartment contents, warehouses for work area, warehouses for logistical services and more. Avia, Israel’s leading storage company, offers you a solution for every need relating to this area, allowing you to enjoy the best and most professional service.

Avia’s rental warehouses are equipped with alarm systems that are connected to a call center 24-hours a day and some provide on-site security as well. We offer various storage facility sizes, ranging between 10-500m² and even more, as needed. When storage is required for apartment content or fewer items, you can select especially small units of 1.5-2m². If you require very large warehouses to be used as work areas or various logistic services, you can enjoy especially easy and safe access, loading and unloading options.

Looking for warehouses to rent? Look no further.

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