Storage Solutions in Israel – For every need and every purpose

If you are seeking short or long-term storage solutions in Israel, we at Avia, Israel’s leading storage company, offer a variety of storage options for you to choose from. Our various storage solutions include warehouses, in different areas of the country and assorted dimensions, enabling you to store your equipment in the most adequate location. These storage solutions include a high level of security, they are organized, clean and provide easy and convenient access if you need to unload or transport equipment.

Avia places a professional, dedicated and experienced storage team at your disposal. Our storage solutions are considered among the best in Israel and they are suited to any need and purpose. We offer you 24-hour service and design the perfect storage solution for your varying needs. Whether you require especially large warehouses or storage facilities requiring less space, we will locate the appropriate solution of all warehouses that we operate, in order to ensure that you receive the best possible service. We guarantee especially attractive prices and affordable rental plans.

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