Contact any one of our nationally deployed branches:

Our Branches:
Rishon LeZion– 40 HaHagana St.
Holon– 20 HaBanay St.
Netanya – 42 HaKadar St.
Petah Tikva-Kiryat Matalon – 3 Gonen St.
Petah Tikva-Kiryat Arye – 75 Avshalom Gissin St.
Haifa “Check Post” – 22 HaMusahim St.
Haifa “Bay” – 37 Yekutiel Beharav St.
Yad Binyamin – 4 Ovadia St.
Tzur Yig’al. Kibbutz Harel.

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 08:00-16:00
Friday: 08:00-12:30.

Phone: +972-73-7968-018
Fax:     +972-3-760-1088

Smart Card holders in the Haifa “Check Post”, Haifa “Bay”, Tzur Yiga’l, Petah Tikva, Rishon LeZion & Holon branches enjoy 24/7 availability.
We are waiting for your call! +972-73-7968-018 or complete the Contact form and we will call you to offer our close support throughout the process. 
Come choose appropriate storage solutions.